News stories about Hooksett Kiwanis and its members, including news published in the Hooksett Banner, Union Leader and other print media.

Community Impact Award 2018 - Girl Scouts Troop 10085 - 03/18/2018
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Big CONGRATS and BEST WISHES to The Girl Scouts of Troop 10085 who are to receive Hooksett's Community Impact 2018 Award on April 3rd at the Hooksett Kiwanis annual Community Leaders Banquet.

The Girl Scouts of Troop 10085 are High School Juniors who have been together since Kindergarten. In addition to working hard in High School, participating in activities such as band, sports, and working part-time jobs, they have provided outstanding service to our community.

Examples of its community service include landscaping and building a sign for the Cawley Middle School Outdoor Classroom, landscaping and painting a sign at Underhill School, bell ringing for the Salvation Army, planting a...

Hooksett Foundation 2018 Scholarship Program - 03/16/2018
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The Hooksett Kiwanis Foundation is pleased to announce the 2018 Scholarship program for graduating seniors of the Hooksett community!

The James Walter Scholarship is available to any Hooksett senior who has attended Hooksett schools, and has lived in Hooksett for the past three years. The late Mr. Walter was a member of Hooksett Kiwanis and a Past Advisor and member of Circle K. The Kiwanis Scholarship will award $1,000 to two outstanding seniors who have made a difference in the community during their high school years.  Please include the following as part of the application submission:

Large Business of the Year 2018 - Merchants Automotive Group - 03/14/2018
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Merchants Automotive Group is a family-owned organization based in New Hampshire with over 50 years of experience. Its Fleet Management has more than 40,000 vehicles under lease and management throughout all 50 States. It provides fleet management and leasing solutions for more than 800 businesses and the federal government. It is the largest family-owned independent pre-owned car dealer in New England, and has been voted the #1 NH Used Car Dealership for 20 years.

Merchants maintains a basic philosophy to continually give back to the community. It has built a corporate culture that celebrates community involvement, investment, and volunteering. It supports local based charities to create a more...

Municipal Employee of the Year 2018 - Donna Fitzpatrick - 03/09/2018
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Donna joined the town in the Community Development Office where she was a lead coordinator for the office working with developers and potential businesses. Her current position as the Administrative Services Coordinator is unique and demanding. She provides administrative support functions for the Town Council with a wide variety of responsibilities. She also serves as the Human Resources Coordinator for the Town, a position that was once a full-time position within itself. Here she is responsible for all employee benefits management, assisting Department Heads in administering personnel policies, hiring, assisting with union contracts and a myriad of other details.

Donna approaches her work...

Adult Volunteer of the Year 2018 - Tammy Hooker - 03/06/2018
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Tammy is a vital member of many volunteer groups in Hooksett. These include the Library’s Board of Trustees, Friends group, Boy Scout Troop 292 and Hooksett Unit of the Salvation Army. In each of these roles she brings a level of dedication, enthusiasm, humor, and organization that is unmatched.

In her years as Library Trustee, Tammy served as Secretary and member of many Board subcommittees. While she is adept at all trustee responsibilities: reviewing policies, overseeing personnel issues, analyzing expenses, and managing physical plant, Tammy is also the first to volunteer when things need to get done. She caters library events, hosts the annual mother- daughter teas, and sorts...

Middle School Educator of the Year 2018 - Bernadette Olsen - 02/28/2018
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Bernadette Olsen is the Family and Consumer Science teacher at Cawley Middle School, where she has served for five years, making a profound impact on the students, parents and Hooksett Community. She has been devoted to providing students with a well-rounded, authentic middle school experience. Bernadette is diligent in supporting students in order for them to achieve academically, socially and emotionally. One of her greatest qualities as a teacher is her ability to develop highly engaging instructional activities that are relevant for today’s students. Skills learned in grades 6-8 provide students with skills for life after school.

Another attribute is her ability to always find something...

Youth Volunteer of the Year 2018 - Katelyn Howe - 02/25/2018
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Katelyn Howe is a senior at Manchester Central High School who has already accomplished much in her short life. Prior to attending Central, she was a high achiever at Cawley Middle School where she achieved high honors, participated in the Builders Club and excelled in multiple sports. At Central she is a member of four National Honor Societies, achieved excellence in band and sporting activities, written for the Little Green newspaper, volunteered for multiple organizations, and excelled in leadership positions.

Katelyn participates in the Central Key Club, where she performs community service, including bellringing, working at the Manchester Marathon, preparing goodie bags at Christmas for...

Guest Speaker Richard Ross Presents Camps Mi-Te-Na & Foss - 02/21/2018
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Hooksett Kiwanian Richard Ross was our featured speaker for our February 21st dinner meeting. Richard attended Fork Union Military High School as well as North Georgia's Military College. Richard served as wrestling coach and instructor for the YMCA for 25 years and still serves as referee for several wrestling organizations. He's a current member of the Hooksett Budget Committee, and loves stock car racing. He was Director of Camp Mi-Te-Na and maintains close ties to the camp which is in its 50th year of operation. The audience was so impressed by the quality of the camp's programs and facility upgrades that they asked whether adults could also enjoy use of the camp.

Small Business of the Year - Merrimack County Savings Bank - 02/18/2018
Submitted by: Mark Glisson
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Merrimack County Savings Bank had its charter approved in July 1867. Starting with a small office space on School Street in Concord, through growth and expansions and acquisitions, the bank has grown to 8 branches and $600 million in assets. Its merger with Meredith Village Savings Bank enabled the creation of NH Mutual Bancorp (NHMB) Not only did this provide more financial strength, for lending purposes, but it allowed both institutions to continue with the philosophy on which it was founded, that having a strong connection between customers and community. In 2016 it opened its first branch in Hooksett at the Welcome Center on Route 93, and in 2017 it opened a second beautiful new branch at...

Elementary School Educator of the Year - Shannon Baldoumas - 02/13/2018
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Shannon is a first-grade teacher at Underhill School. She has been a teacher in the Hooksett School District since 2001 and has excelled in teaching kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade. Shannon’s “can-do” spirit has served her well as an educator and as a member of the school community, including being an instrumental part of leading major initiatives across the school and district through her work on committees such as the SAU’s Report Card, Science Pilot, Science Curriculum, and Schoolwide Events Committees.

Every year Shannon’s students are among the highest performers in the district. She has the respect and trust of parents and involves them in discussing educational...